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Jan 5, 2011 9,230

-- DUALs XGPS150 Wirelessly Adds GPS to iPad, iPod touch, iPhone and other
Bluetooth-enabled Smart Phones and Tablets --
HEATHROW, Fla. (Jan. 6, 2011) - Dual Electronics Corporation announced today that following
its success with the award-winning XGPS300 and XGPS251 GPS & Battery Cradle for iPod touch,
the company is expanding its lineup of mobile GPS Solutions with the addition of the XGPS150
Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver. The XGPS150 measures about 2 square x 3/4 thick, has a built-in
high-accuracy GPS receiver and a rechargeable battery to power the GPS. The product adds GPS
capabilities wirelessly via Bluetooth connection to the iPad, iPod touch, iPhone, and to other smart phones,
tablets and laptops, which support the Bluetooth SPP. The XGPS150 allows these devices to be used with
software and apps for car navigation, marine navigation, as a range finder on a golf course, for geocaching,
with apps for fitness, social networking and more.
Owners of the Apple iPad and iPod touch devices will definitely get the most benefit out of the
XGPS150, said Greg Lukins, VP Business Development of Dual Electronics. These devices dont have
built-in GPS capabilities, and by pairing them with the XGPS150, consumers can take advantage of
hundreds of GPS-enabled apps including the most popular ones for car and marine navigation. Owners of
the iPhone and other smart phones will benefit from the GPSs reliable accuracy, compact design, long
battery life and a long, 65-foot (20m) Bluetooth signal range, allowing it to be positioned in a spot with a
clear view of the sky, added Lukins.
The built-in GPS receiver is WAAS compatible and delivers location information with +/- 3m (~10 feet)
accuracy, which makes it significantly more accurate than the reported GPS accuracy of the iPhone and
some smart phones. The rechargeable battery powers the GPS for at least 8.5 hours of continuous use, and
recharges via a USB connection within 2.5 hours. The auto power-off feature saves battery when GPS is
not in use.
!2011 Dual Electronics Corp. 250 International Parkway, Suite 230, Heathrow, FL 32746 Ph: 407.936.0129
The Bluetooth auto-discovery feature makes it easy to pair the XGPS150 with other devices. The product
comes with a non-slip pad, which holds the XGPS150 securely on a cars dashboard, boat console and
other surfaces. An adjustable armband is also included for outdoors and fitness applications. The XGPS150
also comes with a mini USB to USB cable and 12V cigarette lighter adapter.
The XGPS150 is compatible with all iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices with OS3.1 or above and with
other smart phones, tablets and laptops which support Bluetooth SPP (Serial Port Profile). The product
will be available at retail in early 2011 at an estimated MSRP of $99.99.
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About Dual
Dual Electronics Corporation, a subsidiary of the Namsung Corporation, is based in Heathrow, FL. Dual
offers a wide selection of mobile electronics, marine electronics, home audio loudspeakers and portable
GPS products. For further information visit and

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