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HEATHROW, Fla. (September 6, 2012) Dual Electronics Corporation, a leader in car audio and portable GPS solutions, announced today that Cantrell Motorsports has incorporated the XGPS150A Universal Bluetooth GPS Receiver with its CMS Lap Timer Pro system. The XGPS150A provides high-speed and high-accuracy GPS coordinates to the CMS Lap Timer Pro app that records video and a variety of data including the car\'s location, speed, G forces, lap times and other information, in real time, for immediate analysis at the track site.

Cantrell Motorsports, an expert in race car preparation and driver training, chose the XGPS150A after extensive testing of several GPS products. \"The Dual XGPS150A GPS Receiver meets two critical demands of the car racing industry,\" said Pete Stoppani, Cantrell Motorsports. \"The 5Hz sampling rate makes it a highly accurate GPS, which is a must when recording the performance of a fast moving car along the race track, and, the Bluetooth wireless connection allows for optimal location of the GPS receiver, while the iPod Touch running the CMS Lap Timer app is safely stored inside the car,\" added Stoppani.

Cantrell Motorsports is also a proud sponsor of the Palatov Race Team, the 2012 Pike\'s Peak International Hill Climb Unlimited Class Champion, who has been training and racing with the CMS Lap Timer Pro app and the XGPS150A GPS Receiver for over a year. \"Leveraging the capabilities of consumer-level electronics for our specialized application is a brilliant idea and the Dual GPS solution is very well executed,\" said Dennis Palatov, Owner, Palatov Motorsport. \"Having data-overlaid video right there at the track is excellent for driver development and a motorsports-dedicated lap timer device with anything near these capabilities would cost couple thousand dollars and probably wouldn\'t be as easy to use,\" added Palatov.

High-performance car racing joins a long list of applications for the XGPS150A, which is being used in aviation, boating, car navigation, golfing, geocaching, fitness and many more. The XGPS150A is a fast and accurate WAAS GPS Receiver for use with the iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and other Bluetooth-enabled Android devices. The lightweight receiver measures only 2-inches square, and comes with a non-slip pad that holds it securely in place on most surfaces. The wireless Bluetooth connectivity allows the user to place the GPS receiver up to 30 feet away from the device it connects to, in a place with the best view of the sky. The internal rechargeable battery lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use and a 12-30V cigarette lighter adapter and USB charging cable are included. The XGPS150A works with most apps that require GPS, and a sample list of apps can be found on

About Dual Electronics
Dual Electronics Corporation, a subsidiary of the Namsung Corporation, is based in Heathrow, FL. Dual offers a wide selection of mobile electronics, marine electronics, home audio loudspeakers and portable GPS products. For further information visit and iPad, iPod and iPhone are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks, whether claimed or registered, are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

About Cantrell Motorsports
Cantrell Motorsports was founded in 2005 by Colin Cantrell. With over 25 years of professional motorsports experience, he felt it was time to build a business based off of one philosophy; providing impeccable service and support for sports cars and racecars alike. These goals established, it has allowed Cantrell to build a solid foundation of unparalleled workmanship and in return maintain a customer base built off of loyalty and trust. From basic tire and alignment services to custom fabrication and full race car preparation, Cantrell is truly the definition of a \'one stop shop\'.

About Palatov Motorsport
Palatov Motorsport LLC was founded in October of 2008 to design and manufacture lightweight high performance vehicles, parts and accessories, primarily targeted at recreational trackday use. The Company\'s mission is to create and build designs with outstanding performance that provide unmatched value in the dedicated trackday car market. Palatov Motorsport has also been successful in designing and supplying components such as suspension parts for custom car applications ranging from individual builds to low and medium volume specialty vehicles.
The company\'s current offering include the D1 and D4 ultra-lightweight trackday cars, D2 two-seat streetable track car and 2012 Pikes Peak Unlimited class winning D4PPS hillclimb special.

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