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"The Best Earbuds $20
Can Get"
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It’s going to be hard to beat the sound quality of these earbuds at such a low price.
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Workout Headphones.org
"All in all, for $20 you can't go wrong with these earbuds."
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Stereowise Plus.com
"BOTTOMLINE: Buy the Dual
Painted Tunes Headphones"
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National Outdoors.com

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Vibrant Sound in a Cool Package

Painted Tunes High-Performance Headphones are an ideal mix of high quality audio, unique design and convenience – all for a reasonable price. Unlike any other pair of ear buds, they come in a fun and convenient paint tube-style package, which serves as a carrying case.  The ear buds deliver the kind of rich sound and deep bass you would expect from more expensive headphones, for which you would pay $60 or even $100. The noise-isolating design of the ear buds significantly reduces outside noise and delivers outstanding bass.Three sizes of ear cups are included, allowing you to pick the size that’s most comfortable for you, and which provides the most noise-isolation. The flat, tangle-free cord makes Painted Tunes perfect for working out. The earphones are available in red, blue, green, black and white.

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