HDM90 HD Radio™ Tuner Module

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HD Radio™ Tuner Module For All Dual HD Radio Ready Receivers

HD Radio delivers FM radio with CD sound quality and AM radio with FM sound quality. Step up from traditional radio, for a crystal-clear, digital experience. HD Radio stations are offering a variety of useful messages that scroll across radio display screens,

Connect the HDM90 HD Radio tuner to your compatible Dual head unit, tune to a participating station, and discover the difference. You'll enjoy FM that's almost CD quality, and AM that's as clear as traditional FM. Many HD Radio stations also broadcast text information, so you'll be able to see artist info and song titles appearing on the display of your Dual head unit. Even better, you won't have to pay any subscription fees.

Features that this tuner enables include iTunes tagging, multicasting, and more. iTunes tagging allows the user to "tag" the song that is playing on the HD radio station and save it on the connected iPod. The next time that iPod is connected to iTunes, that song and it's details will appear in the iTunes store. With iTunes tagging, you will never forget your favorite song on the radio. Multicasting allows stations to broadcast multiple stations on one analog frequency. This means that one radio station can be transmitting several programs at the same time with a digital signal.