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All features and specifications are subject to change without notice
Car Audio
Please connect first appears in the display
There is no mobile device connected to the head unit.
Pair and or connect a *compatible mobile device to the head unit as described under Bluetooth Operation of manual
Mobile device will not connect to the head unit.
Bluetooth function is not active on the head unit. Activate Bluetooth function in General Setup
Bluetooth function is not active on the mobile device. Refer to owner's manual of your mobile device.
A mobile device is already connected to the head unit. This time the head unit can only be connected to one device at a time. Disconnect current mobile device first, then connect the desired mobile device
ERROR! Connect Timeout appears on display
The time limit for the pairing mobile device has been reached. Pair the mobile device within 120 seconds
Pairing Fail appears in display
The attempted pairing process has failed. Retry the pairing process again.
Mobile device will not connect to the head unit automatically
When the Connect function is set to Manual, the head unit will not connect to any mobile device automatically. Set Connect Function to Auto .
Ring tone cannot be heard through the speakers
Ring tone volume is turned down. Increase the volume of the ring tones using the up and down volume control during the ringing process
MUTE function is activated in the head unit. Press MUTE to cancel the mute function and resume audio
Echo or noise is heard during a phone call
Possible road noise or interior interference. Close all windows and turn off any fans or A/C
Microphone opening on the front panel is obstructed. Clear any obstacles in front of microphone opening
Call is connected (but no audio can be heard through the speakers) Audio is routed to the mobile device
Press Audio Transfer to allow audio from the phone to be heard through the speakers
Call is answered automatically
Auto Answer function is set to ON. Set Auto Answer function to OFF
Caller ID does not appear during incoming call
The calling mobile device is not set to send the Caller ID or the service is not available. Some devices may not communicate or work properly with this head unit
DVD does not start playback.
Physical defect in media - Check media for scratches
Wrong region - Use discs labels Region 1 or ALL only.
Interruption during playback.
Disc is dirty or scratched - Clean or replace disc
File is damaged or bad recording - Recreate disc with good files
Incorrect playback message displayed.
Message is longer than the LCD can display
MP3/WMA files wont playback.
The cd format is not compatible with the radio - Rewrite the cd in the correct playback format
The session on the CD/DVD MUST be closed. Re-write the CD/DVD with the session closed
CD/DVD stops playing sometimes.
Disc is dirty or scratched - Replace with a non-scratched cd/dvd or clean the cd/dvd disc
What type of disc media is compatible for playback?.
CD-R/RW(+/-) , *DVD-R/RW(+/-) , *DVD+R DL
(* Media compatible on Multimedia units)
Note: All sessions MUST to be closed after recording CD or DVD for proper playback.
DVD does not start playback.
Parking brake safety circuit not connected - Check connections at parking brake
Parking brake not applied - Apply parking brake
No video display when in reverse
Reverse circuit not connected - Check connections at reverse lamp
Rear view is set to OFF - Set rear view to ON.
Front panel will not open or close
Front panel obstructed - Remove the obstacle and press OPEN again to resume the monitor open/close sequence
Navigation not operational
Connections to the navigation system are incorrect.
Check the connections with the navigation system and connect the cables correctly and firmly. .
System not finding GPS satellites
Make sure antenna is plugeed into the SNAV-1 unit
Make sure the antenna is screwed in properly to the SNAV-1, back it out and try again but don't force it
System not tracking movement of vehicle
Make sure antenna is plugged into the head unit
Make sure the antenna is screwed in properly to the head unit, back it out and try again but don't force it
How do I update the maps?
Refer to the owners’ manual
Cannot enter navigation mode
SD Card is not loaded with data
Reload the data and ensure the SD card is in the correct location
There is no voice guidance
The vehicle has deviated from the route
Check the route guidance display on the current position screen
Move back to the route. Search again for a route..
IR remote does not work
Dead battery in remote control - Replace battery
Audio output is audible but the navigation voice guidance is not
The volume is set to “0” under Guide Speaker setting
Adjust the volume under Guide Speaker
All other errors or questions
Refer to the manual
Unit says it will take 14 hours to get across the street, what needs to be adjusted?
You must set the clock of the Navigation feature, refer to the Navigation section of the manual
for clock adjustments

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