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Important note about charging your XGPS170D:

The XGPS170D includes a smart charging circuit, designed to safely draw current from the power source without the risk of damaging either the XGPS170D or the charging source. For safest and fastest charging, Dual strongly recommends using one of the following to charge your XGPS170D:

  • The included 12–30V DC charger

  • The included 110–240V wall charger or

  • The 2.1 amp wall charger that comes with the iPad (not the small one for iPhone/iPod)

  • Any 2.1 amp charger specifically labeled Made for iPad on the package

Other USB chargers, like generic cell phone chargers, will supply power to the XGPS170D, but will not provide enough current to charge the XGPS170D in a reasonable time. The XGPS170D may not charge completely and charging light on the XGPS170D may not turn green.

Additionally, we have received many reports that inexpensive, “no-name” USB wall chargers do not charge the device. If you are experiencing long charging times, short battery life, or the charging light never seems to turn green, please try charging the XGPS170D with one of the chargers recommended above.

Will this GPS Receiver work with my device?

Please see this list of compatible devices for reference. If your device isn’t listed, or if you have any additional questions, please contact us at cs@dualav.com.

At what altitude should I expect to be receiving ADS-B signals?

It depends greatly on your location. In our area in flat Florida, we start picking up signals around 800 feet. But our test pilots around the US report receiving signals anywhere from 200′ AGL to 1500′ AGL.

Will the XGPS170D work outside of the US?

The weather information available through ADS-B is only broadcast in the US, so the XGPS170D will only receive weather when used in the US. However, the GPS and Traffic reception features of the XGPS170D will work anywhere in the world. The FAA’s current coverage map for ADS-B in the US is here.

Will the XGPS170D work with ADS-B in Europe or Australia?

Yes, but for traffic reception only. These areas do not offer ADS-B weather.

Can I use a WiFi accessory on my iPad while using the XGPS170D?

Yes. Because the XGPS170D uses a Bluetooth connection, you are free to use any WiFi accessory simultaneously.

Can I use another Bluetooth accessory with my iPad while using the XGPS170D?


Can the XGPS170D be connected to more than one device simultaneously?

Yes, up to 2 devices.