Be Your Fastest

Whether you are a weekend track enthusiast or a more serious racer, a lap timer app combined with a smartphone or a tablet provides a powerful tool to help you train and chart progress. Most apps  record video and a variety of data in real time: the car’s location, speed, G forces, lap times and other information.

To get this “real-time” performance data, you will also need a highly accurate GPS, with at least 5Hz sampling rate. A standalone GPS is recommended to keep up with a car that’s moving fast along the racetrack.

The XGPS160 provides high-speed and high-accuracy GPS coordinates to any app. With fast signal acquisition and 10Hz positioning updates it is deal for race car drivers and other fast moving applications.


Building on the success of the XGPS150A the XGPS160 SkyPro features even faster signal acquisition, GLONASS support, route recording, and can connect to up to 5 devices.


The original Dual puck is a favorite for adding add high-accuracy GPS data to apps. This receiver get high praise for its reliability and user-friendly designs.