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7 Apple CarPlay Hacks You May Not Know

Apple CarPlay Hacks: How do I get the most out of Apple CarPlay? If you have an Apple CarPlay receiver, you know the joys of accessing your favorite iPhone apps while driving. While basic features like making phone calls, getting directions, and streaming music are helpful, CarPlay offers several other ways to enhance your drivingRead More…

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Is Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Right for You?

If you’ve recently considered a car stereo upgrade, you’ve probably heard all about Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. But is it worth the hype? This article will explain what Apple CarPlay/Android Auto have to offer so you can decide whether a multimedia receiver with these features is right for you. General Phone Connectivity To useRead More…

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4 Things to Consider When Shopping for a Car Amplifier

Adding an amplifier to your car not only makes your system louder, but also boosts the detail and quality of your music by bringing out your speakers’  full potential. If you’re thinking about enhancing your car audio experience with an amplifier, here are some things to consider while shopping for the right fit. 1. CompatibilityRead More…

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8 Communication Apps for Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Texting and driving is dangerous. Luckily, a wireless Apple CarPlay/Android Auto Media Receiver allows you to use your favorite communication apps without touching your phone. You may have already seen our list of top entertainment and navigation apps. If you’re looking for an alternative to Apple’s iMessage or Android’s Messages App, here is a listRead More…

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