XHUD1000 – Head Up Display and XGPS190 ADS-B Receiver with AHRS Combo


Enhances situational awareness for General Aviation
  • Enables pilots to view key flight data with their head up and eyes forward
  • Wireless connectivity with portable receivers, panel avionics, tablets, & smartphones
  • Compact & portable with flexible mounting to fit with most planes

This bundle includes the XGPS190

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xhud1000 xgps190 combo

Enhances situational awareness for General Aviation

3 Selectable Modes:

  • AHRS: Displays altitude, airspeed, attitude, bank angle, and compass heading on a classic HUD graphic for monitoring fights.
  • Traffic: Displays ADS-B traffic on a radar style graphic with selectable range, using TCAS symbology
  • Tablet Graphics: Displays graphics from separate apps running on tablet or smartphone (e.g. AHRS, synthetic vision, maps)
  • Compatible with both iOS & Android devices
  • Compatible with Dual XGPS190 & Stratus 3 for AHRS & Traffic modes, & XGPS170/170D for Traffic mode
  • Free Dual app for HUD control
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth & WiFi
  • Non-slip anti-vibration holder & mounting bracket, for easy installation on most aircraft
  • Image Invert feature allows use of HUD in ceiling mount position
  • Folding screen with adjustable distance & angle
  • Screen optimized for both bright and dim conditions
  • Compact, lightweight, & portable
  • USB adapter and power cable
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With Dual XGPS ADS-B Receiver

  • XHUD1000 reads data directly from Dual receiver, and displays AHRS & Traffic using HUD’s built-in graphics
  • Most 3rd party EFB apps can be used, including Foreflight
  • Tablet Graphics mode available for iOS & Android mobile devices
  • WiFi connection not required, unless using Tablet Graphics mode
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With Stratus 3 Receiver

  • XHUD1000 reads data directly from Stratus 3, and displays AHRS & Traffic using HUD’s built-in graphics
  • When XHUD1000 is connected to the Stratus 3, most 3rd party EFB apps can be used. However Foreflight cannot be used with Stratus 3 when HUD is connected, unless HUD is in Tablet Graphics mode
  • Tablet Graphics mode only available for iOS mobile devices


  • Height: 4.72 in. (120mm)
  • Width: 4.72 in. (120mm)
  • Depth: Adjustable Ranges: 5.9 in. – 7.08 in. (150mm – 180mm)


AHRS & Traffic Modes

YouTube video

YouTube video

Manuals (PDFs)

Quick Start Guide:

* To confirm details of compatibility with other GPS/ADS-B receivers or panel avionics systems, please download the owner’s manual from the link above.


Status Tool App: 



Status Tool App: 

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