Car Stereo Picks for 4 Types of Listeners

Whether you spend most of your day in your car or most of your free time sprucing it up on the weekends, there is a car stereo for you. We’ve put together a list of car audio options for 4 different types of listeners, so you can choose the perfect head unit for your auto needs!

1) The Audiophile

If you’re an audio enthusiast who seeks the highest-quality sound in your car stereo, check out the DCPA701 Double-DIN Car Stereo Receiver. With a 7” touchscreen, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, and built-in Bluetooth for hands-free audio streaming, it’s packed with all the features you need to meet your listening standards. Looking to add extra bass to your ride? The BP1204 Bandpass Enclosure with 12″ Blue illumiNITE® LED high-performance Subwoofers have 1100 watts of Peak Power for consistent low sounding bass and unmatched sound superiority on the road.


2) The Roadtripper

Always traveling? We know road trips just aren’t the same without streaming that perfectly curated playlist or watching your favorite movies during your pit stops. The XDVD269BT Double-DIN Car Stereo Receiver has you covered with a variety of listening options, from a built-in CD/DVD player and AM/FM radio to a front-panel USB port and upgraded Bluetooth technology.


3) The Auto Restorer

You take pride in your classic model and want to preserve its “vintage” character….but, you still want the option to jam out to your favorite oldies on those weekend joy rides. The XDM17SPK4 combo pack includes the XDM17BT Single-DIN Car Stereo and 4 two-way car speakers for a simple but effective audio upgrade to any vehicle. Play music through the front-panel AUX or USB inputs, or from your favorite streaming apps via upgraded Bluetooth.


4) The Commuter

The majority of your time in the car consists of drives to and from work or between client sites. Make sure you’re prepared with all the features you need during your commutes! The DCPA901 Single-DIN Car Stereo Receiver features a 9” touchscreen, Apple CarPlay / Android Auto, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, and a backup camera input.


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