7 Roadtrip Travel Tips

1) Install a backup camera for safety.

If you’re planning a roadtrip with your family this summer, safety should be your top priority. Installing a rear camera like the XCAM200 will allow you to check your surroundings before leaving the driveway!

installed car stereo

2) Use the right navigation system.

Be prepared to take on the road without relying on cell service to get you there. You’ll never get lost with the XVM279NAV Double-Din Car Stereo Receiver, allowing you to view vibrant road maps with millions of destination points.

installed car stereo

3) Pack plenty of snacks and drinks.

Nothing is worse than being hungry on a long stretch of highway or a back country road with no restaurant in sight. Be prepared with a variety of snacks and drinks so your crew can be satisfied throughout the trip. Your passengers can’t ask “are we there yet?” with a mouth full of food…

4) Be ready to entertain your passengers.

Long drive ahead? The XDVD179BT Single-Din Receiver allows your passengers to view their favorite DVDs on all of your pit stops when you’re ready for a break – and a little peace and quiet….

installed car stereo

5) Equip your car for your favorite playlist and podcast streaming.

No roadtrip is complete without the right music and podcasts. Stream all of your favorites from your most-used apps with the DCPA901 Digital Media Receiver, featuring Apple CarPlay / Android Auto and built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and streaming.

installed car stereo

6) Plan your stops.

While it can be fun to hit the open road without an itinerary, it helps to have your stops mapped out when you’re with a group. Download one of the roadtrip planning apps on your phone’s app store to help you stay organized and on schedule. Apps like GasBuddy will even help you find the cheapest fuel near you!

7) Turn up the volume!

Silence may sometimes be golden, especially on a roadtrip. But, some of the most fun and memorable moments are jamming out to your favorite tunes during a family karaoke session in the car. Crank up the music with the DLS694 4-Way Car Speakers. Especially when that one tone-deaf friend or family member insists on singing a little too loud…..

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